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Inner Ear Studio was started in founder Don Zientara's basement during the late seventies. Since it beginning the studio has played host to virtually all of Washington, D.C.'s punk and alternative bands. Inner Ear has also attracted a wide variety of other artists including chorale singers, film and theater composers, classical, Celtic, and jazz musicians, spoken word performers, and even readers for books on tape. Rapid growth in the eighties provoked a move in 1989 to the studio's present home, a large commercial space in Arlington, VA.

Inner Ear has kept pace with changes in technology since its founding. Many clients need to work with both analog and digital technologies, so we've made it easy to incorporate digital files--either done here or brought here--into your analog project. And our syncing system locks Digital Performer to our 24-track analog tape machine, so using a combination of digital and analog tracks at the same time is a snap.

And let's face it--few home setups have 36 channels of class A, Neve-designed preamps, a huge selection of dynamics processors, a large recording room, and a comfortable lounge with all the coffee and tea you desire. Fewer still have a helpful, knowledgeable engineer available to answer questions about bit rates, tape speed, or any of the other issues that can crop up when a recording project is in full swing.

Inner Ear has combined these resources with a strong commitment to the artistic aspects of recording, which is why we have been described as one of the most creative studios on the East Coast by Pro Sound, Mix, and Tape Op magazines (to name a few). We invite you to take advantage of our 25-year commitment to the recording process. Bring your next project to Inner Ear.